Working Effectively Within the Community Sector

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What you have to do
Choose a Community Services organisation and research the current issues influencing service delivery by answering the questions below based on your research. The organisation should belong to one of the following sectors:  Home and community care

 Disability services, or
 Aged care

Tip: Refer to the Assessment Tips document on the OLS under Assessment Information (you will locate this next to where you downloaded this assignment) Please reference your work. Referencing guides are available on the OLS under Assessment Guidelines. Task A –The Community Services Industry (CSI)

Name a Community Service organisation that you wish to research. Brightwater is the organisation chosen for this assignment. Brightwater belong to the private sector providing a diverse range of services, including; community care for older people, both at- home and residential, respite care, rehabilitation services, mobility equipment, transitional care and care for people with disabilities from 18 to 65yrs. Additionally, Brightwater are a part of Brightwater group who also provides services to larger corporations including mining companies, with whom they offer cleaning, linen and catering services. The Target Group:

a. Describe the characteristics of this sector’s target group (50 words). The target group will be the frail elderly who are living in residential care. Residential care is a service provided to people in need of supervision and care in a variety of areas including meals, mobility assistance, transport, support with everyday living, medication assistance and management, rehabilitation and social activities. Their ages range from 70 to over a hundred years old. Identify the current needs of this sector’s target group (50 words). Current needs include ongoing need to access and equity, correct staffing numbers with appropriate training inclusive of ongoing work improvement training and assessing. Keeping informed on current legislation and policy so as to apply for possible funding as well as take action aligned with policies thus enabling long term benifits.

c. Outline any changing needs of this target group (50 words).  You are required to research changing needs of your target group with examples eg funding, staffing, meals, transport. 

d. Identify examples of how your selected organisation meets the current needs of the target group.

What are the Roles and Functions of your Organisation?

The roles and functions of Brightwater cover a complex array of tasks involved in caring for elderly residents. Caring for the elderly involves coordinating staff management, medication and nursing management, volunteer management, traineeships and education, food and meal preparation, continuous monitoring of residents nutritional needs and ability to feed themselves or help required, correct documentation procedures, assistance with mobility, promoting services in which improve quality of life, independence, health and wellbeing (Aged Care in Australia 2012).

5. Access and Equity:
a. Describe what principles access and equity cover.
1. Tafe NWS, Aged Care In Australia states that access and equity are “important parts of a social justice strategy that attempts to help disadvantaged groups gain equal opportunities by devising special services to improve accessibility”. Subsequently, people have easier access to previously hard to obtain items, or, situations are made easier for them. Examples include, ramps into buildings or places and posters in languages other than English (Aged Care In Australia 2012) or a job advertisement will welcome disabled people, aboriginals or women to apply. Furthermore, access and equity principles rest on the foundation of all people being equal, no matter their nationality, religion, appearance, sex, sexual preference etc are equally entitled to accessing education, services, housing etc.

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