Working Class and Greed

Topics: Working class, Middle class, Wealth Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Expository Response: Greed
Expository Response: Greed

Greed donates desire to acquire wealth or possessions beyond the need of individual , It makes us strive to better ourselves Greed makes us strive to better ourselves and better technology in society and business. Greed, what is greed? The definition of greed is “An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves” Now, Who are we to say what or whom deserves something or not? Are we to judge people for the things in their past and say they do not or do deserve things? Today I am here to talk to you about greed and the positive aspects of greed from both societies and a business point of view. First of all in greed in society, it is all around us, in everyday life but not as many people notice it as they should. Let’s say the internet, According to a study done in 2011 around 30% of social network users have been victimised to social networking fraud such as identity theft and credit cards scams. This is a form of greed. But in society, the world needs greed to keep the balance of life in order. There are lower class, middle class and upper class families in this world. People think that rich people are greedy and stuck up but when you think about it, they worked their way up to the top by studying hard and getting a good job. Is this greed? No I think it is determination to succeed in life.

Secondly I am going to talk about greed in the aspect of businesses. Greed makes Businesses and entrepreneurs strive to become richer, known and most of all powerful. The business structure of the world is based on competition. Look at Bunning’s for example; they could put all other tool and garden shops out of business with their 10% off any other competitor’s prices for the same product. This is a form of greed but as you can see it makes businesses want to better their products and at lower prices. Technology is also getting more advanced through greed because Business’s like apple...
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