Working Class

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Brittany Barfield
Ms. Hansen
Compare and Contrast Essay
ENGL 1010-005
February 14, 2011

Class Distinction of the Working Class
The social system still effects today’s society by distinguishing between each of the three social classes. Each social class is judged on for what class they are and how they get through life. The working class is a social group of individuals, known as blue-collar workers, that works hard to get by economically and is at the bottom of the social system (Linkon). I want to discuss the similarities of the working class that Alfred Lubrano and John Lennon appear to have comparable views about. Alfred Lubrano, an award-winning staff reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, stated that you are not a complete person when you have not had hard times (Lubrano 171). I believe this statement is true because some people do not know what it is like to have hit rock bottom in your life to say they know what type of person you can be. Living in a judgmental society, people are always quick to judge a book by its cover before they look inside of it. Lubrano’s article, “Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams”, discusses the life of blue-collar individuals who are judged by the middle class in America and what makes them different. The working class values the fact that they go through a struggle to get things they need out of this economically challenged society. They are distinguished from the other classes because they have a well developed work-ethic, loyalty, a sense of unity, and commitment. Blue-collar people are not ashamed of how they get the things they need and how those who are fortunate enough look down on them. The middle class consists of people who have been spoon feed all their lives and do not believe in struggling to get the things they want. Middle class individuals value achievement and popularity. Generally speaking, the working class seems to have a strong sense of mind of what they have to do to get through and what it...
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