Working Capital Management in Bajaj Allainz Life Insurance

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  • Published: January 11, 2011
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1. Executive Summary1

2. History of coal India3

3. About C.M.P.D.I4

4. Services offered by C.M.P.D.I7

5. Wages and salary administration16

6. Definition17

7. Factors affecting wages and salary structure18

8. Criteria for fixation of wages and salary19

9. National Coal Wage Agreement Preamble21

10. Wages and salary structure for non executive employees23

11. Wages and salary structure for executive employees52

12. Limitation62

13. Questionnaire63




This project was a real challenge for me and I m thankful to everybody for the combined efforts without which I would have not completed this project .The fact is that a growing number of companies in recent times have established compensation programmed for employees that offer additional compensation based on individual ,group and organisational performance. Wage payment is a matter of great importance to employees. It determines their standard of living ,their attitude towards the company and influences their motivation to works . It is an important issue from employer’s point of view as well as their profit is affected by the total wage bill.

My project was based on the wages and salary administration in an organisation. For this I took interview of personnel manager and HRD with the help of questionnaire and visited a number of employees of the organisation .I am heartily grateful to all of them for supporting and encouraging me.

This project not only enhanced my knowledge in the field of field of principle and policy making in present business scenario but latest strategy trend involved in formulation of wages and salary administration in an organisation.


It gives me great pleasure to present this report, a written testimony of the most fruitful training. I sincerely acknowledge that whatever little...
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