Working Besides Money

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People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more reasons. Use details to support your answers.
People have a numerous amounts or reasons for why they work. When a person who has just graduated starts out working at his first job, it feels like as if he had just conquered the whole world, therefore, he works more, produces more, and not only is salary one of the main reasons for this person working, but also the desire to build up something, to increase his knowledge, in other words, to give a deep breath and reinforce that he is working and belongs to his country’s working class. 

People like Bill gates have massive amounts of money, but they still tend to work and do their jobs even though jobs can be a big stressor. If they have so much money, why do they stress something about that’s not mandatory for them? If they don’t do a job, it can make them fall apart. Working can be considered addicting in a way. Even if you’re the richest person in the world, you want more and more wealth. You want to see how much further you can go and how much you can complete in your lifetime.

The saddest working class is composed by people who neither enjoy what they do nor are in need of making money to whatever reasons it may be. These people work because they kind of cover some professional desire that their parents would like them to do or have done before. However, they don´t like it but are obligated to. This reason would fit into the obligated job positions category.

The rest of the people because they literally have no other choice. If they don’t work they can’t feed themselves or the family. They sometimes have exceed their own and other expectations. Most of the people these people have low-paying [minimum wage] jobs and haven’t completed collage.

These are three of the reasons that people usually work. Even if they don’t need to work, they still do because if they don’t their social life can...
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