Working at Home Instead of Company

Topics: Small office/home office, Telecommuting Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: February 10, 2013
#154- It is better to work at home using a computer and a telephone than to work at a company’s office.

Those who prefer to work individually and to do as they please might favor working at home. However, I think working at a company’s office results in a better environment for a businessman than working at home using a computer and a telephone. There are two major aspects: to develop our personal and professional life. First, when it comes to making new friends and meeting diverse kinds of people, working at a company’s office is a far better resort than working at home. In a sense, it is true that in other places such as a restaurant or a bar, we can easily encounter our companions. However, it is a minute possibility. We would not go to a bar just to seek new friends. In addition, we do not generally go to a restaurant alone and to talk to strangers, but with our friends or family to spend a good time together. As society is getting more complex, people are getting more complicated. Therefore, the way of socializing has changed. It was to go to public places and spend some quality time with our acquaintances, but now it is to mix and mingle with new sorts of people, to hang out with our colleagues in our office and to be sociable to everybody in the company, especially around us. Moreover, as far as improving our professional status is concerned, we should work at a company’s office. From being so stressed out by working all alone and handling all the hard work to not being able to meet people, not even see our family as much as we think we would, there is nothing more dangerous than running or trying to run a business or any other kind of work single-handedly. Suppose that you had a stable, well-paying job in Samsung Electronics and since you thought you were doing so great at managing and marketing, you decided to quit and work at home, try to start something of your own. If you do, at first it might be more efficient and comfortable for...
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