Working as a Team (Nvq2 Teaching Assistant)

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1.3.6, 1.3.7, 1.3.9, 1.3.17, 1.3.20

Working as a Team.

Teaching Assistants work as part of many teams within the school. They work with the children, undertaking activities and understanding the task in hand. The children benefit from the teaching assistants presence as they appreciate the help from another adult, who offers the lesson from a different angle. Teaching Assistants also help to support individual children as part of a group, adaptability being one of the many skills required. Pupils are bound to benefit from extra help and support. The TA helps to bring out the best in all children, giving the children confidence in themselves. They can identify which pupils need help and support whilst the teacher continues teaching the rest of the class. By supporting the children as soon as they require help prevents them from falling too far behind with the curriculum. This promotes independent learning and makes the children feel part of the class. The Teaching Assistant also works in partnership with the class Teacher, helping them to organise and support the level of teaching within the class. Most Teachers feel that they would not be able to deliver the high quality of teaching without the help and support of a Teaching Assistant, they enjoy the working relationship with another adult. The Class Teacher ensures that the TA knows exactly what the lesson plans are for the week and for each day. The two make sure that they have a little time together before and after lessons to discuss the targets and then the achievements or outcomes of the lesson, their main aim is to work together towards the continuous improvement in raising standards. The Teacher will schedule meetings on a weekly basis to discuss plans for the forthcoming week and to ensure that the TA is clear about their involvement within each lesson. This meeting also gives time to share any concerns and achievements and to reinforce the message that the lines of communication are always...
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