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Task 1a3
Task 1b, c9
Task 1d14
Task 2a18
Task 2b20
Task 2c, d25
Task 2e30
Appendix 1 – Job description for Vice President of Production36 Appendix 2 – Job description for Vice President of Marketing37 Appendix 3 – Person specification for Vice President of Production38 Appendix 4 – Person specification for Vice President of Marketing39 Appendix 5 – A sample job advert40

Appendix 6 – A sample job application form41
Appendix 7 – A sample CV45
Appendix 8 – An introduction of and a sample electronic cognitive test48


Working with and leading people is one of the major concepts of a person who wants to be a leader. A good leader must acknowledge what an organization really needs at a specific time. The role of the leader in an organization is very crucial that the leader can lead the entire organization to success or failure. Herein, there is a case scenario of Kaisha Corporation - a Japan-based company seeks to expand its business in Danang City, Vietnam. However, there are so many problems as the company is still unfamiliar with the the business environment of the country and encounters difficulties in terms of culture, which is obviously indicated in a form of human resource. In this report, important issues of a brand-new company seeking to open its international business will be discussed and also appropriate remedies will be devised. The possible issues of the company appear to be recruitment and selection system, legal, regulatory and ethical considerations, mix of knowledge, skills and experience required for the management team, dynamics within team, expectations of relationships between the headquarter’s executives and the local ones and empowerment.


Task 1a

Identify characteristics required of the persons who will become members of the management team. How will the potential applicants be informed of the job opportunity at Kaisha Corporation?

The members who are going to be appointed in the management team should have some specific characteristics that are in harmony with the organizational culture. The characteristics of these persons can be determined through a job analysis, which is ‘the process of collecting, analysing and setting out information about the content of jobs in order to provide the basis for a job description and data for recruitment, job evaluation and performance management. Job analysis concentrates on what job holders are expected to do. (Armstrong)[1]’.

Because Kaisha Corporation is still a new entrant to the local market in Da Nang and it needs a comprehensive structure and management system to adapt with the initial, new situation. Therefore, a setup of the intended management team should be devised. The setup includes the different positions of the team members as well as their corresponding functional departments. There are also clarifications on why these positions or departments are relevant to Kaisha Corporation in this such new situation:

- One CEO, who is in charge of managing the entire joint venture company in Da Nang. In the scenario of Kaisha Corporation, the CEO can act as an intermediary, is in charge of regularly reporting the performance of the joint venture company to the Boards of Management of the two parties. The basic function of a CEO is devising strategies and formulating policies to ensure that these goals and objectives are met[2].

- One Vice President of Finance: The Vice President of Finance will be in charge of Finance Department. This department is alsways a top priority of any companies or types of business. Whether non-profit or for-profit organizations, private or public sector ones, they all need a stable financial standing in any situations. This department can help a company finance properly and accurately. Because it assists the company in determining when and what...
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