Working and Keeping Up Grades

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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Alicia Campos
English 1301
September 11, 2011

Working and keeping up my grades.

Many students take on the responsibility to work either in a full time or part time position working between forty hours to twenty-five hours per week and still maintaining their GPA in school. They continue to work hard at school and be active in school activities. How can such a young individual be so responsible in holding at job and attending school? Many have the desire to be independent and to be a productive individual in society. They have place goals for themselves and hope that they will be capable to complete their goals. Their desire to have an employment and to provide for themselves gives them a since of maturity. As young individuals they accept their responsibilities to go find a job occupation. They are showing us that they can continue their education and maintain a job. Students who have chosen to be employed do have a sense of knowing how to regulate their schedules for work, school and other extra school functions. Working and going to school can be the highlight of many students who need to have an occupation to help their families survive in these economic times. And so they prefer to continue their education and work so that when graduation approaches in a few years looking for employment would not be hard for them. They would have had the experience of having an employment. It is not easy to work and go to school. Keeping up with school as you see it becomes harder. School work becomes harder and homework doesn’t disappear and teachers do not give extra time just because you work. Each individual student is still responsible for turning in their assignments on time. As the student continue to work they find themselves staying up late, doing homework during their lunch breaks or rushing home after school to do homework before going to work, they seem to always know how to manage their work load and school load. Many students who don’t hold a job are...
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