Workforce Planning and Staffing

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Term 3, 2013
January 7 – March 10, 2013

NOTE: I reserve the right to make minor changes to this syllabus prior to or during the term.  I will notify students, via e-mail and/or Blackboard announcement, if changes are made in the requirements and/or grading of the course. 


Ph.D., Business AdministrationSyracuse University
M.B.A., Business Administration Syracuse University
B.S., Business AdministrationUniv. of Arkansas @ Little Rock B.M.E., Mechanical EngineeringUnion College (N.Y)

I am a full-time faculty member with Troy University and serve as Associate Chair for HRM in the Sorrell College of Business. In addition to my academic background, I have 20 years of HRM experience in executive positions.


Heneman, H.G. and Judge, T.A. Staffing Organizations (7th ed.), 2011. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ISBN: 0-07-811268-0.

SG Cowen: New Recruits. HBS Case. Harvard Business School Publishing. #9402028.

Students should have their text the first week of class. Not having your book will not be an acceptable excuse for submitting work late. Students who add this course late should refer to the “Late Registration” section for further guidance. The Harvard Business School Case will be needed for the final exam. See ordering instructions below.

The textbook provider for eTROY courses is MBS Direct. The web site for textbook purchases is Order an online copy of the case from Harvard Business Press. Enter “Harvard Business Cases” in the Google search function.   When the Harvard Business site displays, enter the case name “S G Cowen” in the search box and click “Search.” Purchased copies can be downloaded directly. The cost is $6.95. Alternatively, enter the following in your web browser: and then the case name or number in the Q Search function.


Students who register during the first week of the term, during late registration, will already be one week behind.  Students who fall into this category are expected to catch up with all of Week #1 and Week #2's work by the end of Week #2.  Students who do not feel they can meet this deadline should not enroll for the class. If you have already registered, contact your registrar, academic adviser, CTAM/eArmyU representative, or Military Education officer to discuss your options.   

Also note that late registration may mean you do not receive your book in time to make up the work you missed in Week #1.  Not having your book on the first day of class is not an excuse for missing due dates in the schedule.


I am available by email any time and will respond to your message within 24 hours. E-mail is the preferred mode for communication. You can also leave a voice message at the telephone number indicated above. However, due to travel, phone messages may not be retrieved on a timely basis. I will be happy to respond to any questions or concerns you have regarding the course.


Graduate standing. However, students will be better prepared for success in HRM6622 if they have completed HRM6603 prior to this course and have some background in statistics.


Students must possess the knowledge and skills of a college graduate and the capability to perform at the graduate level. You will need to display self-motivation and self-pacing. Careful reading and interpretation of assignment instructions is imperative. Students will also be expected to be proficient in critical thinking and critical writing, formatting papers in APA style, the use of the internet, Blackboard, email, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and in conducting research through the Troy University Remote Library.

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