Workforce Planning

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Workforce planning teacher guide (Foreign & Commonweal th Office) Starter Graphic designer matching activity
Able to produce accurate typed documents on a word processor at 40wpm and to set time scales The ability to understand complex financial information and manipulate complex data Able to extract information from a customer and translate into a repair




Able to work creatively to a client s brief and within time and budget constraints The ability to demonstrate empathy and sensitivity when dealing with patients



Have experience of working in corporate entertainment


Be able to create a happy, challenging and effective learning environment.

Recruitment programme activity
Independent enquirers ü Team workers Effective participants Self managers ü Reflective learners Creative thinkers

Workforce planning worksheet
1. Workforce planning is the process of assessing the current and future labour needs of a business. 2. The stages of workforce planning include: a. Auditing the current workforce b. Analysing the future workforce in terms of both demand and supply of labour, taking into account the strategic direction of the organisation c. Identifying any gaps in the workforce needs d. Planning and implementing strategies to eliminate the gaps. Strategies may include increasing, reducing or training the workforce. e. Reviewing and evaluating the plan and making adjustments where necessary 3. The benefits of workforce planning include: a. In short, workforce planning allows FCO to the get the right number of workers, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. b. Allows workers to be used more effectively and efficiently c. Workforce planning helps FCO to change and respond to the fast-moving environment in which it works d. Ensures replacement workers are available when needed e. Provides clear rationale spending on recruitment, training and development activities f....
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