Workfamily Border Theory

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Work/Family Border Theory2

Relationship between work and family2

Work/Family Border Theory5

The Development of Work/Family Border Theory6



Central Concepts of Work/Family Border Theory8



Border-keepers and other domain members.16

The implication of Work/Family Border Theory20

Organizational tools for attaining balance between work and family.20

Individual tools for attaining balance between work and family.22

Directions for research.23

Criticism on Work/Family Border Theory24

Extended Concepts of Work/Family Border Theory27

Work/family border theory: the border-crosser domain.27

Work/family border theory: the work domain.27

Work/family border theory: the family domain.29

Work/family border theory and leisure.30

Work/family border theory and gender.32

Current researches on Work/Family Border Theory34


Work/Family Border Theory

Sue Cambell Clark, 2000

Work/Family Border Theory was put forward by Sue Cambell Clark in 2000. This theory suggests that people in daily life are border-crossers between realms of work place and family life. The theory explains how combination and subdivision of realms of work and family, border creation and controlling, involvement of border-crossers, and association between border-crossers and others at work place and home effect work/family balance.

Work and family systems, though different, are interconnected. According to earlier theories, the connection between work and family system is emotional and change on one side is effecting equally the second, side by side. But this theory suggests that the first hand relationship between work and family is human not emotional.Everyday people border crosses between two different worlds of work and family. These two worlds are shaped by the people, borders between the two worlds are molded by them and the relationship between border-crossers and the other members of their worlds are also determined by them. People influence and being influenced by their environment. This contradiction of influencing and being influenced by each other determines the balance between two worlds of work and family and hence making one of the most challenging concept to study the domains of work and family in general. Work/family border theory attempted to describe this multifaceted interface border-crossers and their work and family worlds, to envisage when conflict can occur between the worlds of work and family, and give a framework for attaining balance between these two interconnected worlds.

Relationship between work and family

Past 300 hundred years are marked with the industrial market and economic growth, these changing patterns segmented activities accompanying making income and concerning family members. Earlier to this industrial market and economic growth, large scale production was done by family members by themselves that was enough only for their own consumption. With the increasing industrialization and growth in economy, workplaces outside of the home began to created and flourished and these workplaces got the charge of production. This industrialization and economic growth separated the two worlds of work and family, both responsible for caring out different activities, at different times, with different type of people having diverse behaviors and emotions. All this contributed in making work place and family two different worlds with different ethos and work domains.

From the earlier times, men were supposed to be breadwinner and women were supposed to be homemaker and as work place and family were considered to be two separate and different worlds, thus early researchers treated work place and family as two different systems operating and functioning independently of each other. Researches carried...
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