Workbook Assignment Ch 3

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Logic Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: October 31, 2012

Work Book Assignment: Multiple Choice and Critical Thinking Questions

Multiple Choice

1. A.
2. A.
3. C.
4. D.
5. B.
6. D.
7. B.
8. C.
9. C.
10. B.


1. The gender rule should not determine primary insurance for dependent children because the father would then be the primary insurance. The father may not have as good of insurance as the mothers therefore this is why I think the gender rule should not be applied to dependent children.

2. If a patient cannot pay the co pay or coinsurance at the time of the office visit, services should not be withheld at all, especially in emergency cases. The person taking care of the billing should kindly tell the patient that the co-pay/coinsurance will be billed to the address they provided to the office of practice.

3. asking for the chief complaint or reason for the office visit at the time of scheduling helps you effectively plan because you can then get some sense of the services or procedures the patient will need and from there you can estimate times it will take making it easier to estimate how long they will need.

4. The person ultimately responsible for payment of charges incurred for medical services is the patient.

5. The three types of information captured on the Patient Information Form are: personal, employment, and insurance company. Personal is used to describe the person and to get health information. Employment is used to contact someone incase of an emergency, and the insurance company is used so the practice will know where the billing will go to.
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