Topics: Addiction, Workaholic, Psychology Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: April 11, 2013
This addiction can also jeopardize your family, marriage, and offspring. Having this condition with present/future offspring can cause them to have increased risks of physical, psychological, and self esteem issues (Raysen & Shifron, 2011). When abstracting workaholism, we can use Alfred Adler’s theory of “striving for perfection”. We define workaholism as a disorder an individual can attain by being relentless and compulsive about working. Some of the components of the disorder include various types of behaviors, as well as individual demographics, work situation characteristics, and personal beliefs and fears. We can propose that workaholism can be classified or considered as an addiction if it involves overworking to the point that it would interfere with your lifestyle and everyday functions (Reysen & Shifron, 2011). Shifron explains “the goals of addictions are to escape existing fears”. These fears can be measured as the misbehavior achievements in children. Dreikers theorized the behaviors are due to four objectives which include receiving attention, being in charge of, revenge, and showing insufficiency (Reysen & Shifron, 2011, p137). Over a period of time, these behaviors can tend to get more difficult as the adolescents grow into adulthood. Bauman, of Georgia State University, theorized addiction using the BASIS-A Inventory. Using this BASIS-A inventory, he was able to “study how lifestyles vary between people who were diagnosed with mental health disorder, substance use disorder, or both” (Reysen & Shifron, 2011, p138). The workaholic is always trying to achieve seniority within the company, leading them to feel secure and stable. It also grants them certain bonuses (Raysen & Shifron, 2011). Millions had lost their jobs by 2004 as a result of job possession becoming less likely throughout the years and the economy became much more secure. Regardless of the effects that workaholics may experience due to the workforce taking over...
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