Workaholics: Employment and American Work Life

Topics: Employment, Addiction, Job Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Every action executed by human beings involves positive and negative aspects and work is not an exception. Ever since work turned out to be a "source of money" people started to care more about the remuneration rather than the work they will like to perform. The obsession to work, created by the ambition of humans has changed people from hard workers into workaholics. "Work hard and get ahead”, that’s what Americans learn growing but for millions it’s getting harder to tell the difference between working hard and being a workaholic. Work also involves employers. In America employers sometimes takes advantage of their labors; whether they are illegal or have a low-level of education they are being exploited, getting little amount of money and performing horrible works. Erich Schlosser and Barbara Brandt have presented important inputs as regards work in American life. Due to work, Americans are unable to spend time with their families, dealing with illness caused by work-stress and also being abused from their work. Work life in America enslaves and holds back people who are blinded for the greediness which causes them to fall in the trap of work. Americans always have been characterized for being hard workers; however works has become mechanism of slavery. American work life enslaves people and it also lacks of a balance that allows the individuals to enjoy their professional achievements as well as their personal life. Certain people  lose the control of their life and rely completely on their work activities this addiction can be considered in a positive way since it produces good results for the company and therefore job satisfaction increases however all addiction have consequences. Being a workaholic may eventually affect health as well as the interaction and relationships with people around. "Families whose members never see each other, women who work a double shift, workers who need more flexible work schedules, and unemployed and...
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