Workaholics: Addiction and Scott Russell Sander

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  • Published : July 22, 2007
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Live for the Moments and Take Control
Millions of people suffer from life-changing addictions such as alcohol and work. These people are normally called "alcoholics" and "workaholics". Workaholics and alcoholics have few differences, but are similar in many ways. In Scott Russell Sander's essay, "Under the Influence", he shows how children of alcoholic parents suffer from self-blame and how such blame can affect them for the rest of their life. Sanders illustrates the troubles he experienced as a young boy due to his fathers drinking problem. Scott blamed himself for his father's addiction to alcohol. Whenever Scott became older, he then dealt with an addiction to work, as his father had to drinking. He states, "Work has become an addition for me, as drink was an addiction for my father" (150). Workaholics and alcoholics can both result in the disappointment of a loved one, lost relationships with children, and divorce. In comparison, workaholics are just as sick as alcoholics, each involving some of the same characteristics and differences. Workaholics and alcoholics can result in having troubles with a loved one. Such people, who are obsessed with working and drinking, usually are depressed and lonely individuals. Alcoholics and workaholics can disrupt family life and cause harmful effects that can last a lifetime. This can be true for families of workaholics also. Each member of the family may be affected by alcohol and work differently. Alcoholism and workaholism can also have severe effects on normal children of alcoholics and workaholics. Many of these children have guilt, low self-esteem, and depression. Guilt is a big role in children of alcoholics and workaholics. Children believe that they are responsible for their parent's wrong doings. Sanders states, "I tell myself he drinks to ease an ache that gnaws at his belly, an ache I must have caused by disappointing him somehow, a murderous ache I should be able to relieve by doing all my chores, earning...
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