Workaholics: Addiction and People

Topics: Addiction, Workaholic, Paisley Park Records Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: October 12, 2012
The general picture when we think about workaholics is that they are bed people. Every day we are around them and often we admire them. They are doing what they love, which is working. And most of the time they are happy when they work.

Workaholics work to become happy. Often they do not get much sleep. At most they get four to five hours of sleep a day. And most of the time they only get this much amount of sleep is because they measure themselves on a different level from others. By being a workaholic they gain personal achievements and finical worth. They do not focus on their emotional and physical wellness. These people tend to work most of their lives to gain what they need. Most times workaholics can be categorized as an addiction. These people can get addicted to working in a couple of ways. Such as, they can get addicted to the time aspect of it. They always have to be doing something and stay productive with their time. These people think that relaxation is a waste of time. Another way they can get addicted is the money aspect of it. These kinds of people love money. They will work as hard as they can and as far as their bodies will let them work to gain all the money they can get. If these people have their own family, the workaholic’s life style can affect their family. Although workaholics may see that their work is to support the family it can have son effects on other individuals among their family. Their children will want to work as hard and become as successful as their parent(s). Also the children will value money and work different than most people. Workaholics are crazy about how they work and how much they get out of it.

In conclusion, workaholics love work and do not make time for anything else but work. They live, eat and sleep work. Their time is only spent on work and relaxation is a not an option for these types of people. Their families are affected by them. Their children will turn out to be one of those workaholics....
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