Work with Other People in a Business Environment

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Work With other people in a business environment

Working with others in a business environment is one of the most fundamental factors of running and being successful within a business organisation especially in the organize which I work in. The company I work for is in the financial services sector, our company's mission is to be the best financial services intermediary in the business and to provide a holistic and professional financial solution to all of our clients. My responsibility within the business is to assist the financial adviser and his paraplanner, I provide the core administrative support that is needed to give our clients the smoothest and efficient service we can provide, as well as other support duties. Our organisational structure leans towards a matrix style, we have a CEO and a board of directors, financial partners who are self employed but split their profits with the company. I support one of the financial partners so in effect I am having an in-direct impact on the company's profit.

Our company policies are individual to a certain extent but as we are under the regulations of an external body a lot of the organisations policies stem from an exact reaction to regulation. For example TCF ( Treating Customers Fairly) Which was introduced by the FSA gives guidelines on how to reach an end result in whichever way our organisation deems appropriate as long as it adheres to TCF. So treating customers fairly in my role would involve ensuring that we provide the best and most suitable plan for our client whilst giving them the best service possible. If I was unsure of our values and system policies I would most likely consult my line manager in the first instance but if he was unsure on the question I would most likely ask the compliance director or a member of our Business Quality team and they would be happy to tell me themselves or direct me to the most appropriate area of our intranet which contains all our values and policies. Sometimes...
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