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Prof. Bernadette Panibio

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May 14, 2013

As part of The Practicum training program, this study aims to inform and to give information and background about the training station where the student is currently training. This study will give situation where the student thinks will give idea to improve the organization.


One of the traditional bank established in 1976, Real Savings and Loan Association Inc. (RSLAI) started as a single-branch bank in Cainta, Rizal. It remained as such for more than fifteen years with minimal growth until the current group of owners led by Realty Developer Jose L. Acuzar took over in 1994. A new management came in headed by Jose G. Araullo as Chairman of the Board in 2003 and Alfredo S. Barretto as President in 2004. Further, the new management improved operations effecting significant growth of the company.

Most people are very familiar with how a traditional bank like “The Real Bank” operates. The concept is very simple; you take your money to the bank and they will keep it safe for you and you can collect it later. There are other uses of a bank, such as loans and interest. But with nearly everything going digital, including money transfers, paychecks, bill payments and debit cards, cash is practically becoming obsolete. And while some might be slightly nervous to make the switch to an online-only bank, there are some terrific benefits to online banking. You are probably very comfortable walking into your local bank and depositing a check or making a withdrawal. However, you are also probably very familiar with the lines associated with doing even the most basic tasks. And in order to get into the building, you’ll have to keep in mind all the federal holidays and other banking days when the bank won’t be open. And if you need to visit the bank past regular business hours, forget it, it’ll just have to wait until the next day. Traditional banking has some serious flaws in hours of operation and convenience, which is why online banking can be so appealing.

* How will “The Real Bank” give more convenient services to their clients? * How “The Real Bank” could promptly answers inquiries and provide client’s need? * What actions they’re going to do?

* What benefits do the clients get from the actions to be use?

With the problems and limitations associated with manual banking procedures as witnessed in most parastatals today. This study aimed at shedding light upon the need for improvement in accounting activities and the means of achieving its efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and success promising future through computer intervention. This study will tell us and could also give The Real Bank management the idea of what Internet banking can do in their organization to provide further services that will immediately answers inquiries and needs of their clients. This study will promote new services that may give improvement to the existing services of The Real Bank. Thus this will give their clients more efficient and quality services.

* Develop the existing system that the bank used.
* Introduce to the organization the use of Online Banking. * Implementation of Online Banking to the organization “The Real Bank”.

Internet banking identifies a particular set of technological solutions for the development and the distribution of financial services, which rely upon the open architecture of the Internet. Internet Banking System provides a range of convenient online banking services. * A bank customer can perform some non-transactional tasks through online banking, including - * viewing account balances

* viewing recent...
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