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MBA Co-op Work Term Report Template
Purpose: As one of the mandatory requirements of the MBA Co-op program, this report allows you to reflect on your past work term and provide information to other co-op students who are interested in working with your employer. Deadline: End of your work term / during the first week of class when you are back to campus

Required: Must be reviewed and approved by your manager

CBCD will accept any of the following as ‘approval’:

• Manager signed Work Term Report section on the performance evaluation form

• Manager e-mails the completed report to

• You e-mail the report to and copy your manager on the e-mail sent

To submit: E-mail completed copy to as a Microsoft Word document

After submission: We publish the report on Avenue2Learn (excluding your name & student number)

|Name: |Farrukh Khan | |Student Number: |0548323 | |Work Term: | 1 2 3 | |Date Completed: |Jan 1, 2012 – December 31 2012 |

MBA Co-op Work Term Report Template

|Job title: |Audit Associate | |Company: |PricewaterhouseCoopers | |Industry: |Financial Services |

Briefly describe your role within the organization.

My role as an Associate during my co-op term was to complete audit field work and test the financial statements for the client’s I was assigned. Based on results of the testing performed, I was required to exercise professional judgment and discuss potential accounting related issues with client. I was also required to keep my accounting knowledge up to date by attending firm training and completing e-learns to ensure that my audits maintain high quality.

Describe your three main responsibilities or projects.

- Inquire with my clients about obtaining necessary audit support to test various financial statement line items - Report results of testing to senior associates/managers to see if any follow up is required - Coach junior associates on their assigned tasks and attend internal training to ensure audit knowledge is up to date.

Briefly describe the following work environment characteristics:

Culture (formal vs. informal)

The culture was formal at both the client site and at the office as I was required to report to the CFO and also senior members of my audit team (managers/partners)

Hierarchy (top down vs. bottom up / multi-layered vs. flat organizational chart)

The firm follows a top down organizational approach. From an audit perspective, the partner/manager will decide upon the audit approach using the various risks that are associated with the industry that the client is situated in. From there, the audit is tailored to address this risk and to ensure the team spends most of their time testing items that are more risky in nature.

Collaborative vs. individual work

The firm relies heavily on collaboration. This is because audit teams can be rather large and in order to produce an audit opinion the partner relies on the findings of each individual member of the team. Also, team member...
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