Work Summary on Practice Placement

Topics: Sociology, 2003 in film, Mothers Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Work summary 1
All names have been kept anonymous due to confidentiality reasons. Brief description of work undertaken
Baby T is an eighth month old baby who was referred to A & E by his GP due to a fall. The baby had a torn fraenulum and the paediatrics and consultants were both satisfied that the injury was consistent with mothers explanation of baby T falling on face. The referral which was received by children service team lacked vital information. I was requested by the social worker to follow up the missing information and details. Anti discriminatory practice

VE3 – As baby T’s mother had limited English, I ensured that she was not misunderstood by making assumptions on baby T’s injuries. I also ensured that I spoke clearly and slowly to ensure she understood the point that I was trying to get across to her. Legal context

The children 1989 Article 3 states that,’in all actions concerning children the best interest of the child should be the primary consideration’ (Dave and Dukett 2008:7). I ensured that the child’s best interest and welfare was put first by contacting the mother to request the appropriate information regarding her child. Your initial assessment of the situation and Theoretical Context The referral form which was received from the accident and emergency ward was unclear, I needed to get in contact with baby T’s mother in order to ensure that the missing information was updated on the referral form. I was able to apply the exchange model of assessment to this particular piece of work. The exchange model takes the premises that the client is an expert rather than the questioning model which identifies the professionals as the expert (Beresford & Turner 1997). In this case the mother was the expert in providing me with the necessary information which professionals did not have. Links to national Occupational Standard

Unit 1.1 – Prior to meeting the health visitor to discuss the referral, the social worker gave me a brief...
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