Work Role

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Understand what is required for competence in own work role

1.1 - describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role 1.2 - explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards

I have worked with my current employer for five year’s. I work with clients with adifferent disabilities, ranging from dementia, acquired brain injuries, and strokes, within a nursing home setting. My current job role is as an activities / care assistant. I am responsible for providing support to the service user’s, which includes: Personal care, assisting with meal preparation (mostly at breakfast), , organising activities, assisting with meal planning, and maintaining records for service delivered. I received an induction training course when I first joined the company, which provided specialised training relating to the learning disability sector. I receive regular supervision with my line manager, where I can discuss any problems, and get support. I can also request training, and my manager can suggest things which she thinks would be beneficial to me.she highlights areas where she thinks I would benefit from further training in. I attend regular refresher courses in training, so that I am up to date with the current standards required for my role I treat all service users with respect and dignity, and my work practices reflect and promote equal opportunities. I have read, and understand my Company’s policies and procedures, and am aware of what to do in most circumstances, and the correct reporting/recording procedures to follow. I always work in a professional manner, and ensure all service user information is kept up to date, and confidential.”

2 - Be able to reflect on practice
2.1 - explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided
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