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In my view, all the workplaces should have limited internet access as it affects the overall productivity of the company because of the lack of work-efficiency of every individual. There are two reasons in support of my opinion. Firstly, now days, Internet has a lot of entertainment than knowledge. And people are prone to watch more of entertainment shows than reading any useful information from websites which would enrich one’s knowledge. For instance, today’s internet has so many social networking sites, News about celebrity’s personal life, movies, comedy shows, videos etc. If all such websites are accessible to employees at workplace, they cannot be productive at work because there is so much work at workplace for each employee and they get less time to deliver their work so they need to work efficiently in less span of time. If any problem occurs, they must think about different ideas and check whether they are able to implement it and whether it solves the problem. All the employees at workplace especially in IT companies must be super-active and very spontaneous. Each and every second matters to them to meet the project goals and deliver the best quality product in time. And thus, to meet all these requirements, the access to some internet websites should be restricted at workplaces especially the social networking websites and other entertainment websites. Secondly, it is very important to balance one’s professional and personal lives for every employee. And this is the reason, it’s highly essential to keep away from all personal activities like keeping in touch with friends, sending personal emails, talking to spouses at work, making personal calls etc. All these things distract one’s attention from work. It’s very important to stay focused because some people can control it and most of the people cannot control themselves from such activities. Hence, these websites should be restricted and only important websites that are related to work or any...
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