Work Preference

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February 13, 2013

Work Preference: Self-Employment

Some people are content working for an employer, while others prefer to own a business or work for themselves. I am content working for a company, but I would rather have my own business. The most attractive aspects of being self-employed include, having control of what tasks need to be accomplished, earning a desirable salary, and the ability to make my own schedule.

The first thing I have come to realize about being self-employed is that the only person I have to answer to is myself. All accountability falls on me. If I do not accomplish a task in a timely and professional manner, I have no one to blame or face but myself. I have worked for several employers. Some have been very pessimistic, overbearing and rude, some of whom have been demanding, yet reasonable and respectable. I prefer not to work for people who could potentially have so much control over me that my job depends on how much I am willing to do in order to stay on their good side, especially when it sometimes contradicts my moral judgment. I enjoy being my own boss.

Another reason I prefer to be self-employed is the better income. Although most businesses starting out do not have immediate profit, they eventually reap the seeds of their success. I like the idea of having the authority to pay myself the wages that I desire. One thing that I really despise is being underpaid for my abilities. When I find myself surrounded by co-workers who do not have work ethics as strong as my own, yet are being paid the same or larger salary as I am, I become irritated. In my opinion, there is not much worse than being an outstanding employee, yet constantly overlooked and underpaid in the work-place.

Finally, the best perk about being self-employed is the ability to make my own schedule. It is such a frustrating idea that in order to have a day off of work, I have to give a specific, sometimes intrusive reason so that my superior can decide...
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