Work Place Statistics

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Workplace Statistics
Jeremy Fuller
HCS 438
October 3, 2011
Howard Rubin

Workplace Statistics
Statistics is everywhere in a person’s daily life. As Stated by Bennett, Briggs, and Triola (2009), “you’ll be hard-pressed to think of any topic that is not linked with statistics in some important way” (p. 2). The hospital, which I am, employed this holds to be true. I work in an ICU, so I deal with the sickest of the sick. Statistics are a big part of this departments care and education. Each day statistics is utilized through descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and the level of statistical measurements. The advantages are seen best when educating and evaluating the progress of care for the patient and families. There is not a day that does not go by which I do not use some statistical figure or method with education or care of my patient’s. In a critical care unit, I look at trends of labs in numerical format as well as graphs or chart format too. Looking at trends of labs lets care providers as the health care provider understand what direction the health of a patient is going in. If there is a spike or drop in labs, vital signs, or health we look at graphs or charts to see if there is a correlation with meds given, abnormal labs, or change in vent settings. We look at mean and mode for renal patients to determine where a baseline creatinine clearance level may be. The doctor and nurses use law of averages when discussing possibilities and prognosis of patients. Percentages are used every day in the workplace. Example of percentages, renal doctor may estimate a renal patient possessing 20% kidney function. Another example is an echo is done and the ejection fraction of a patient cardiac patient is 35%, which is below the wanted 50-55%. This gives us an idea of how efficient or inefficient the heart is pumping blood. These are the more popular statistical applications I utilize daily in the ICU I work in on. There are many more applications used...
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