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Work Place Ethics

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To have ethical behavior and integrity in the workplace it is essential to create an effective value-based code of ethics that is followed by all. A strong deterrent to unethical behavior is ethical leadership. The perception of an employee is greatly based upon what they hear and more important what they see from their superiors. What then are the downfalls of unethical behavior in the workplace? In today's workplace, all over the world, you can find behaviors of misconduct from both employer and employee alike. Many companies are creating a set code of ethics to maintain discipline amongst staff. From the highest CEO down to the student intern, ethics are an important part of any work environment. Overview

Before we look at ethical behavior, we must first define what ethics is. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "ethics" as "the moral principles governing or influencing conduct." The negative effect of unethical behavior in executives and managers in the workplace has spawned many employers to review what ethics in the workplace actually means. Most of us have worked for one or more companies. I'm sure we have all experienced staff that exercise unethical behaviors. Some infractions may appear small while others are larger. The bottom line is that no matter what the misconduct is, it interrupts the smooth flow of any organization. Unethical behaviors could be stealing products or money from the company or worse sexual harassment. Ethics in the workplace is what helps to keep the playing field fair and harmonious.

Workplace Ethics 3
Case study 1
Let's look at an example where unethical behavior negatively affected a work environment. This is an example that took place in a correctional facility and it eventually affected two officers directly and the entire staff for many years to come. For the purpose of this example only first names have been used.

The Minnesota department of Corrections mandates that well-being...

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