Work Place Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Target Corporation Pages: 4 (1786 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Workplace Ethical Dilemma| July 23
Kathleen Roberts BSHS 332

Respectably working for one of the top leading retail stores (Target) in the nation for over a period of four years, I have had the pleasure of working at 3 different stores. I started working for Target back in 2008 in Santee California, while at that store I was promoted to a front lanes supervisor (Guest Service Attendant). While being promoted, my promotion came with a lot of responsibilities; I had to learn how to work in the cash office (Counting money made from the previous sales date), I also had to supervise over 25 people in 4 different departments. Four departments consisted of, Food Avenue, Photo, Guest Service and the Check-lanes, all in which I had to be trained in. Three out of the four years I spent in the California store, afterwards I packed up and moved back to Ga where I transferred to the Athens, Georgia Target Store. While transferring to this new store in Athens Georgia there wasn’t a position open for me as a supervisor at the front lanes, I wasn’t that familiar with the sales floor so I insisted on a position up front or something new in the offices.

Two days back in Georgia I get a phone call from the Executive Team leader of Human Resources (ETL-HR) for an offer to become a clerical team member in Human Resources; I took the position and with the position came more training. I trained, I started, and I survived the new environment of a brand new target. Things were different from the California store; the store in California where I originated from was a training store, so we basically did everything by the books, however this store did not, it was like I had to be trained all over again to learn how not to do the things I was taught. After spending a few weeks in clerical, a position opened up for a Guest Service Team Leader (GSTL). I didn’t think I was quite ready to tackle that experience yet, so I let the GSA’s apply for the position, and I would...
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