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Applying O2's Values

Bold - i have consistently demonstarted and provided innovative solutions over the last couple of months in my development. Therefore i would like to use the positive feedback i was given as an example from Lorraine (opps manager)

'Wardha Kimberley has given some amazing feedback about you. I am so proud of your hard workand achivements. You consistently deliver fantastic customer service, you are regularly a PULSE star and during July you recived 3! you always achieve Target or Stretch in all reach KPI's and your efficiency is outstanding. During August you used just 58 seconds of ACW on average and this is consistent. Not only that but you just come in and do your job to the bestof your abilities without the need for praise and adultation or constant help and guide. You are a genuine hard worker and an absolute pleasure to manage, you will gout of your way and to help anyone and demonstrate all the right behaviours to be worthy of recognition. Thank You so much Wardha, you are a true STAR'

This shows that i am able to come up with ideas and suggestions and get involved with work enthusiastically and also to prove myself.

Open - I always share relevant information with my team members when ever it's required, therefore on many occasions if i've been marked down for my CP call, i let my team know so they don't carry out the same mistake for example on July i got 11th i was marked down 20 marks for not transferring the password from Hansen to SMP when migrating customers number to PAYG.

I'm also the acuraccy champ for my team so i give regukar updates to my team when theres a change in credit resoning or contact reasoning. So i sent every on an email on 12th September to let them know when a 3rd party customer calls and we're unable to action request, there is a new contact reason for that.

I had also sent my team an email on 13th November to let them know they need to start using the call back calender as this will also...
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