Work Performance Based on Gender Differences as Perceived by Procurement Heads of Selected Companies in Metro Manila for the School Year 2010-2011

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Chapter I

Generation over generations, men and women’s efficiency in work has been in question. Man’s strength is essential to productivity while a woman’s perseverance makes a good decision-making for the company. At this present world, we can say that the workforce is evenly divided for men and women. Even in the past, men are commonly assigned to do physical works such as production, maintenance, operations, and the like because of their strength and agility.

Women are often employed in clerical administrative and office works that realize a more organized mind.
In some production areas, women are mostly needed. Some could say that women can outdo men in terms of multi – tasking and being organized in work. This one advantage of women marks some twisting in the working environment where men and women can be shuffled in the production and operations departments. Men can be employed in office works of course, and this diversity in the workplace can let us measure the efficiency and dependability of men and women at work. The aim of the study is to identify the performances of males and females in procurement and to know if there is a relationship between the work performance and the gender of employees.

There can be some differences in the work performance of male and female in different logistics departments. Logistics might be new to one’s ear. It is one department in the organizations that centralizes in the movement of goods and information. Logistics, as a new trend and an important function of every business, is seen as an industry for men and for the tasks in this sector at needs “industrial skills” of men, not the “soft or social skills” of women which made people believe that there is no room for women in this field.

Thus, this study is intended to assess the perceptions of the procurement heads in selected logistics companies regarding the relationship of work performance of their employees (procurement) whether they are male or female. The researchers chose procurement department for it is one of the essential and crucial components of logistics where both male and female employees are capable to excel in the job. The researchers believed that this study will provide answers to the issue of who shows more points in terms of work performance key areas in procurement department and if the work performance is being defined by one’s gender.

Background of the Study
Department Heads in every organization have to measure the work performance of their employees. Organizations also cited reputation benefits for promoting gender equality in terms of enhancing an organization’s ability to compete in the global market for highly skilled workers.

In this study, we asked procurement heads of selected companies to assess their employees’ work performance. The heads evaluated their employees if they met the standard requirements in procurement for us to differentiate the performance of male and female in logistics and to know if gender has something to do with their work performance.

In logistics industry, there are many opportunities available to men and women to advance their careers and enhance their ability to work. They are given the chance to mix informally as their male counterparts do in informal networks, women would also gain an awareness of the skills and expertise levels held by other women and men and this could be advantageous when positions become available.

This study will determine the work performance based on gender differences and if this really affects the procurement manpower planning.

Theoretical Framework
The term “Glass Ceiling” was popularized in the 1980’s and had become a significant concept in the American workplace. The theory is a description of a reality in which women and minorities tend to be overrepresented at the lower levels of an organization yet underrepresented at more senior levels.

The Civil Rights Acts of...
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