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Topics: The Neighbors, Feeling, Debut albums Pages: 8 (2652 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Page 16:
Vocabulary Practice:
1.a. sidewalks
b. dissatisfied
c. ashamed
d. on an impulse quiting

2. a. respect
b. wandered
c. worthwhile
d. registered.
e. resembled

1.George didn't finish his school. "he had quit high school" ; his mother died " Their mother was dead." His family was poor " his father was poor "
2. George cleaned the house , stayed in his room , listened to the ballgame , read magazines, sometimes an old copy of encyclopedia and from time to time walks around the neighborhood. 3.The story took place in New York.

4. a. He would like to have a girl to go with.
b. He would like to have some dough (expenses money)

Page 19 :
Vocabulary Practice :
1.drunk ; 2.hesitated 3. Earnestly 4. Urge 5. Wondered 6. Embarrassed 7. Approval 8. Appreciate

5. He worked in a change booth.
6. Mr Cattanzara read the New York Times.
7.Mr Cattanzara's weakness is the alcohol.
8. George told Mr. Cattanzara that he's going to read a lot in home in order to pick up his education in addition to that he told that he planned on reading one hundred books this summer.

Page 21 :
Vocabulary Practice :
1 – e
2 – f

9. George felt guilty uncomfortable for his sayings and actions. 10.He treated him` with a joke like kid a little boy because he found out that he cannot stand on his word as a man and do what he said that he will do. 11. George felt really terribly bad ,embarrassed, he felt agony. 12.He ran away from everything and everyone locked himself in the room hiding and not facing the reality facts running away from the world.

Page 23 :
Vocabulary Practice
1.disgrace ; 2. Figured. ; 3. Confidence ; 4. Accidentally ; 5. Trembling

Questions :
13.The neighbors treated George nicely with sense of respect . 14. The lie that George told his neighbors was that he already finished reading so many books. 15. At the end of the story George ran from his house to the library counted 100 books sat on the table and started reading.

Analysis and Interpretation
2. George's goal is to attain the American dream. He wants a good job, a nice house and enough money to buy things. He also wants a girlfriend, so he won't be lonely, and the people to like and respect him. To reach his goals, George must first of all overcome his impulsiveness and lack of motivation George is a person filled with negative feelings provided by lack of education , respect , confidence and what more supported by his surroundings , trying to escape the ugly truth by wondering around. He walks late in the night in a park few block away from his home , wondering ,day dreaming and thinking but not doing anything changeful and meaningful for is life. He have dreams just lacks of motivation.

Mr. Cattanzara too share the American idea of a dream but it's too late for him. He enjoys reading his New York Times academic paper/magazine imaginating what life he could have had if he had education and likes to take the role of the change giver as it is in this situation with George, using his knowledge learned by far. He believes and tries to fix George to help him not make those mistakes by that helping himself feeling finally a relief putting his trust and faith in another human being. He also escapes the harsh truth about his education and life thru alcohol, drinking , getting drunk and trying to forget what is already a fact. 3. Genre of the plot : Reality – real world problems that youth face every day. Meaning the plot is about the youth problems and dilemmas that the characters have in their daily life and experience.

Main characters that we see in the story are people with real problems who sometimes fail. Our main characters in the story are Mr. Cattanzara an Italian immigrant with low education, a lot of life dilemmas dreams untold and unhappened lost in the passed times. An alcoholic person trying to hide himself from the ugly truth. But still there...
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