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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Process is a systematic series of actions directed to an end. Each task is done in a specific process; additionally, each person might do a task in different process. A process is like a goal where you need to have a plan, and you have to know the steps, which are like the plan when you make a goal. We as humans always take the short way to a successful end; as a result, we have the simplest process in doing things. However, there are some process that even taking the simplest steps require dedication and persistence. A process I enjoy doing is the process of working out which is not easy because it takes time, and in order to achieve my goal I have to be dedicated and push through the pain. My Process of working out is to start with Cardio-Vascular workout then weight training workout, and lastly doing warm ups instead of doing them in the beginning of the workout. It might be bizarre but I am going to tell you why it works best for me.

Working out has been one of my favorite things to do in my free time since I was a kid. In the beginning, I haven’t thought that I have the ability to run fast until my Physical education teacher offers me to join the track team. I became afraid because I am not just running, but I actually have to compete with other school team. After attempting every practice, and running out of breath I start liking the change happening to my body and the way it functions. My metabolism boosts up, I got sick seldom, and I started to gain weight which is not fat but muscle. I quit after 3 years; even thought, I have taken the second place in our school and first among other schools.

After three years I decided to become a member at a gym near my house. The first day I entered the gym all the cardio machines were taken and the sad part was that people were not using the machines correctly. I started my workout with running about twenty to thirty minutes. I found it effective because listening to fast beat music and running boosted up my...
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