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Topics: Weight training, Powerlifting, Barbell Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Bench, Clean Deadlift, and Front Squat
The commonly know bench press is a lift that exercises the muscles of the upper body. It works the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. During this lift the athlete lies on his/her back and uses his arms to press the bar up until the arms are fully extended. Bench press is generally lift of a low difficulty level but other types of bench press such as incline bench or adding a power band or chains to the bar can add difficulty to the lift. Certain cues taught in class about bench press were along the lines of lowering the bar quickly, getting a small bounce of the chest to have momentum when going on the upward motion of the bench, driving your legs throughout the lift, and keeping your elbows in. Some of the cues in bench press can be easier to get used to than others and seem to make then lift easier such as the leg drive or a quick lower of the bar. There are also bad cues of the bench press though such as telling someone to lift their hips of of the bench or bounce the bar off of their chest. Bench press is good in both high and low reps. It is good to change your amount of reps from week to week and do high reps to gain stamina and low reps with heavy weight to build muscle mass. It is good to use this lift more than once a week in order to get a heavier lift. There are also other types of bench press you can do such as barbell, dumbbell, incline, power bands, and chained bench press. Front squat is a lower body lift that was made to assist weightlifters in rising from the bottom of the clean. Front squatting works your quadriceps, hamstrings, core, and lower back. The bar is settled on the upper clavicles and shoulders and held in either a clean grip or a cross armed grip. Front squatting is difficult at first because it can be hard to get the wrist flexibility to hold the bad in a clean grip but once one has the technique down numbers should start increasing quickly. There are a lot of cues...
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