Work on Aims and Objetives of Tesco

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Functional Areas

Functional areas are groups within an organisation which enable a business to run effectively. Functional areas make the business work. There are different functional areas for different parts of the business for example there is a Human Resources department which are responsible for work involving the staff of a business. I have decided to mainly focus on Tesco’s functional areas but I will list the functional areas of The Gateway Academy as well. Tesco have many functional areas within the business. These functional areas enable Tesco to function properly. The functional areas of Tesco are: Administration

Customer Service
Finance and accounts
Human Resources
Research and development.
Administration: The administration of Tesco keeps the company running smoothly and make sure that everyone is working and not off task. They organise things like timetables and make sure that everyone is where they should be. Some examples of what they do are: health and safety, manning the reception desk, cleaning and maintenance, clerical tasks and security. Customer Service: The Customer Services department in Tesco is responsible for making the customers feel valued and looking after their customer’s needs. They do this by offering information, advice and credit facilities, managing complaints, arranging deliveries and providing after-sales services. Distribution: The distribution department of Tesco is in charge of ensuring all goods are appropriately stored before dispatch, ensuring goods are securely packed, they also plan and schedule the vehicle roots. Finance and accounts: Finance and Accounts function area of Tesco manages the finance of the organisation and make sure the organisation doesn’t go into debt. The jobs the finance and accounts department of Tesco do are: preparing accounts, producing cash flow forecasts and financial reports, producing invoices, obtaining capital and resources, paying wages and salaries and setting budgets. Human resources: The functional area Human Resources performs tasks that directly relates to the employees. The Human Resources functional area involves: Health and safety, working conditions, remuneration, employee organization and unions, training development and promotion, recruitment, retention and dismissal. ICT: IT Support in Tesco helps make the business run smoothly and check to make sure the technology is working. Some examples of what the IT Support do in Tesco are: network management, hardware/software support, cleaning and maintenance. Marketing: The marketing team in Tesco looks at the profit and loss of the organization and how to improve it. They make customers aware of the goods and services that the business that they work for sells. They identify what products the customers want and need. Market research enable marketing department to: identify the needs of the customers and provide them, work out what customers will need in the future and collaborate with the research and development department to invent new goods and services. Sales: The sales function area of Tesco tries to make the business sell more products. They can do this by encouraging customers to spend more or personally selling things to the customers. The sales function area is often split up into sales staff, sales representatives, telesales staff and merchandisers. * Sales Staff- Sell within the store.

* Sales Representative- Travel to the customers.
* Telesales Staff- Sell over the telephone.
* Merchandisers- Display the products strategically.
Production: The production functional area in Tesco produces goods to sell. These are Tesco made products which are sold for cheaper than products they bought. Research and development: The Research and Development team in Tesco focuses of developing the organization and researching how to improve the organization. Improvements might occur when scientific advances,...
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