Work: Musical Piece

Topics: Music, Musical notation, Orchestra Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Module One: Text Questions
Review Questions
1. The basic elements of music are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, melody and form. 2. Pitch is the frequency of a sound that we hear with a high or low tone. 3. Syncopation is the placing of emphasis on an un-emphasized beats. Ska, reggae, rap, jazz, and some forms of metal use syncopation 4. Three forms of music is a concerto which is a musical piece in which one solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra. A sonata which is a musical composition for a solo instrument. A symphony which is a musical piece that has been scored for a full orchestra. 5. Form in music is the framework that a composer uses to create a piece of music. Critical Thinking Questions

1. Yes, I agree that music is an universal language because no matter what diverse you come from music come from the heart. Many people use music to express their emotions and feelings without having to say a word. 2. Musical notations are important because it help musicians to identify the sound level that they are meant to be playing at. Benefits musicians and others receive from being able to write down and note aspects of a musical piece is that it help set the mood of the music and also helps the instruments work together to create music. 3. People use music to communicate with each other. I use music in my own life to relieve stress and just let my emotions flow. Music is my pain reliever. 4. I was in church with my granny and the choir started singing a song. When I arrived at the church my heart was heavy I had a lot on my mind. However, when the choir started singing this one song in particular I just broke down crying. How they sung that song you can tell it came from the heart. I can’t remember exactly what song it was because it been so long ago but I know when I left that church, I felt like a new person.
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