Work-Life Balance Policy

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1. Introduction

A work-life balance policy is the one of the much talked theory in the recent workplace environment dialogue between employers & employee. So we have to know first what it is - Work life balance is about people having a measure of control over when, where and how they work. It is achieved when an individual's right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society. But the employers aren’t aware of their responsibility to provide the better service to the employees worked for the company. Although the employer aren’t aware but the employee also unknown what exactly they have to have. In a very simple word work-life balance policy is the relative importance of work and personal life to a particular individual. It helps to meet the need of ‘work-life’ and ‘personal’ life effectively The agenda consists primarily of flexible working practices and family friendly policies; although good practice demonstrates that flexibility should be open to all, including those without caring responsibilities. And for that reason it is burning question in modern world that is the organization maintain Work-Life Balance or not.

1.1 Objectives of the report:
The world is changing specially the business world. New technologies invented continuously and introduced in banking sector. The policies, strategies, products are also changing. So, business world become more competitive & globalize. Report writing based on information analysis is as a part of our B.B.A. program. So that, we can know the present situation of our banks, that is available around us. And we can adopt ourselves with changing. It’s another objectives is to strengthen relation with banking operations. The third objective is to increase over all skill so that we can be more modern and challenging to manage our future business. The main objective of this study is to upgrade our WORK-LIFE BALANCE in banking knowledge from B.B.A. courses with the actual banking activities and also get some experience. Moreover, there are some other objectives. All objectives could be pointed out as follows: 1. To identify the policy existence in work-life balance policies in the banks. 2. To know employee expectation to have the policy

3. To know the employees satisfaction level in the organization 4. To identify loopholes & recommend according to those
1.2 Methodology:

Sources of data:
The whole data is analyzing the Work-Life Balance policy performance for evaluating the organization performance in management with the management acceptance in their area with positive mode. . Primary Sources:

I collect the information through an assigned questionnaire to evaluate the Work-Life Balance policy performance and evaluate the result from the 3 employees including two different stage of management from three different banks. I also evaluate this questionnaire through the comparative analysis and Fishbone analysis to ease this report and make the report more realistic and effective manner. I analyze this report in a subjective and quality dimensioned way. 2. Secondary Sources:

I took help from the internet to know about the Work-Life Balance policy and its arena to evaluate the questionnaire and I judge it with the analysis of my report from my own perspective and my own point of justice. Methods of data analysis:

I analyze the data in a qualitative and subjective way. I made two techniques for the analysis. These are: * Individual company analysis
* Graphical analysis
* Tabular analysis
* Comparative analysis

1.3 Rationale of the Study
Business world is shrinking in width so as the banking sector so it is necessary to cope up with the new environment. The flexibility of work space is now demanded and involvement of the HRM in the supreme management is mandated option of every updated organization. Work-Life Balance is the scale to...
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