Work Life Balance

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Work-life balance

FERRI Ariane

HumanResourcesSeminar - G. NeyensAnnée académique 2012-2013 Company’s information

ALD Automotive

Ald automotive is a subsidiary of the group of “La SociétéGénérale S.A.” and is a reference company onthe market of park cars management.

Rue Colonel Bourg 120



Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

The 5-star Hotel Amigo boasts elegant rooms with designer features, on the corner of Grand Place. It combines modern facilities, a gym and an award-winning restaurant with a picturesque historic set-ting.

Rue de l'Amigo
1000 Brussels


Emma Verbruggen

Table of contents


Key word and expressions5

Case study : Work-life balance at ALD Automotive & Hotel Amigo8


Well being at work’s pillars and actual situation10

Flexibility & communication10

Making work satisfying and fun13

Parental leave15



Homogeneity 16

Facilities and incentives16


What you would have done, why and how17

The final effective results18




Key words and expressions

Assessment center:

It is an organism in charge of the evaluation by assessment. They use various methods, resources and tools based on work simulations such as case studies, role play, personality tests, interview, etc. It is a process used for the selection of individuals for a job.

Human capital:

A set of knowledge, talents, experiences, qualifications which allows an individual to perform labor in order to produce economic value.


A list of employees receiving wages or salaries, with the amounts due to each

Conflict management:

The practice of identifying and dealing with conflicts in a rational and balanced way. This involves effective communication, problem solving abilities and good negotiation skills in order to restore the focus to the company’s goals. Conflict management is one of competences of human resources man-agement.


A transfer is a relocation of an employee on the same scale in a different department or job site or to a related classification within the same salary range.

Organization chart

Visual representation like a diagram representing the management structure of a company, showing the authority and responsibilities of each department and the relationships between the depart-ments.


A promotion involves a change from current job to another one; it involves more responsibilities and higher status at organization level. Usually, apromotion means a pay rise or benefits. It allows boost-ing the morale and rewarding committed employees.


Demotion is the opposite of promotion.It’s when an employee is shifted to a lower job status, re-sponsibilities, salary and grade. Most of the time, it happens when an employee encounters difficul-ties in meeting job requirements and standards.

Working conditions

Working conditions refers to the working environment and all existing circumstances in relation with labor in the workplace, including amenities, physical aspects, stress and noise level, job hours, safety or danger degree and legal rights.


A reduction of the size or the number of employees of an organization in order to improve profitabili-ty or to reduce costs. The...
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