Work Life and Leisure

Topics: London, Industrial Revolution, City Pages: 4 (984 words) Published: May 25, 2011
Q1. State in brief, how did “The city of Calcutta “both amazed and confused the God. Ans. Positive :- (Amazed)
a. The God was wonderstruck by the big, modern city.
b. The train, large ships, factories, bridges, monuments and shops selling a wide range of commodities really impressed the God. c. City was full of opportunities – for trade and commerce, education and jobs. d. God also decided to build a Museum and High Court in Heaven. Negative Side :- (Confused)

a. The Gods were disturbed by certain other aspects of city life like – its cheats and thieves, its grinding poverty and the poor quality of housing. b. The gods were also got tensed at the confusion of caste, religious and gender identities in the city.

Q2. List the three historic processes that have shaped modern cities in decisive ways. Ans. 1. The rise of Industrial capitalism.
2. The establishment of colonial rule over large part of the world. 3. The development of democratic ideals.

Q3. Discuss the characteristics of ‘Ancient cities’.
Ans. a. Ancient towns and cities first appeared along river valleys, e.g- Ur, Nippur, and Mohenjodaro.
c. There was an adequate supply of food grain to support non-food producers. d. Cities were the centre of political power, administrative network, trade and industry, religious institutions and intellectual activity.

e. Cities were supported by various social groups such as artisans, merchants and priests.

Q4. How industrialization did changed the form of urbanization in the modern period Ans. 1. The early industrial cities of Britain such as Leeds and Manchester attracted large numbers of migrants to the textile mills. 2. In 1851, more than three-quarters of the adults living in Manchester were migrants from rural areas.

Q5. Describe the rise and expansion of the city of London.
Ans. a. By 1750, one out of every nine people of England and Wales lived in London....
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