Work in a Business Environment

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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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Work in a Business Environment

By working within a team and being a team player means that each individual within that group has the support of their other colleagues. By being able to support your colleagues helps to balance the strengths and weaknesses within the group. This helps make the team a more efficient and effective by providing an environment where support is readily available and individual skills can be utilised. For individuals working where support is readily available can help build confidence on skills already learned while also encouraging personal development. What this means for an organisation is that the staff feel supported and confident in their role this in turn encourages staff to work to a high standard increasing productivity. Diversity is the equivalent to variety and can be a representation of the people employed by an organisation or defined by the type of work or products produced. By being diverse within business opens the organisation up to new opportunities and ideas while providing room to grow. This method of business practice is beneficial to any organisation as it gives the freedom to explore and utilise new ideas. Organisations have varied contact with many different types of people. These people could be employees, customers, suppliers and colleagues. It is important to recognise their needs, abilities, customs and beliefs. This can be achieved by acknowledging the way people need to dress or their personal circumstances. Showing respect for the different customs in what can now be described as a diverse community and an understanding of religious beliefs and holidays combined with recognising each person as an individual demonstrates a sensitivity to their requirements. Learning from others can be achieved from training, observation and listening to colleagues dealing with different situations. Other examples could be asking when unsure of the answer or from attending meetings on procedure updates....
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