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Topics: Discrimination, Management, Minority group Pages: 8 (2545 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Organization is composed of individuals and interactivities of members. Single individual works as the basic element of organization which reflects the organization behavior, but, meanwhile, interactivities of individual also result in the internal or external performance of organization. In another word, the management of organization should emphases not only on the single employee but also the interrelation of employees and that is one of the reasons why the management of diversity on workplace is a crucial element of modern organizational management and human resource management. However, The causes of diversity on today`s workplace could be, mostly, summarized into three aspects. Firstly, an important reason is process of globalization. The globalization is defined as “A process that encompasses the causes, course, and consequences of the transnational and transcultural integration of all human and non-human activities.” (Nayef. F, etc, 2006) Generally, the process of increasing in human interactivities, interchanges and dimming of national boundaries, which as a result of arising global economical and technology, all lead to a inevitable increasing of complex on modern labor market and multiplicity on the market. For instance, It won`t be hard for us to imagine that, a Japanese man who is, now, living in American and working for a German company about the exploration of Australian market and that it`s daily of most international metropolises. At the same time, Demographical changes also result in diversity on workplace. An example could be found in American. In 2010, 63% of American labor force is female, and, meanwhile, minority racial and ethnic groups and immigrants will account for 45% of the overall labor force. As a result, only one-third of entrants in American are white male, in 2010 (Dessler. G, 2012). Moreover, such the increasing of diversity is also affected by the shortage of labor, now, worldwide. Basing on an report from CNBC News, it`s reasonable to believe that, with the retirements of Baby Boom generation, a tremendous ageing of work force will come, with few increasing of numbers of “prime age” work force within the predictable decades( Perman. C, 2010). That means, the employers, in the future, have to accept entrants from different background to fulfill their needs of labor force and a multiple working environment is inevitable. As a result, the success of handling of diversity on workplace will closely connect the development of enterprise and the management of diversity will be one of the importances that managers should take into their consideration. In that case, within this article, firstly, the definition and dimensions of diversity itself will also be introduced. After that, it will also show both advantages and disadvantages of diversity which is followed by relative strategies and programs about management of diversity on workplace. And then, at the end, a conclusion will be drawn and some advices will, in the same time, be given. In Dessler`s book (2012), Human resource management, the diversity in workplace is defined as “The variety or multiplicity of demographic features that characterize a company`s workforce, particularly in terms of race, sex, culture, national origin, handicap, age and religion.” In another word, the diversity in work place means a workforce which is organized by two or more groups of people with different characteristics which includes age, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, belief, family status, education level, and physical disability. And, normally, such differences will, in the same time, bring both visible and invisible effects to the company itself. As what has been mentioned in previous paragraph, success of managing of diversity brings advantages to organization. Specifically, diversity provides a sustainable environment for the development of the organization and promotes cost-effective employment relation (Mullins. L, 2010). For the...
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