Work Ethics of Young People

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A New Work Ethic

A New Work Ethic

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the current work ethic of teenagers and college students who are entering the work force. The thoughts of these employees regarding hard work and scamming will also be discussed. The impacts that this work ethic will have on the future of American business will also be considered. Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in work environments you have experienced. I have been with my company for 23 years. I am intricately involved in the hiring process. During the first year of employment, the attendance of employees is looked at very seriously. We set this expectation before the employees sign their name on the dotted line. Our retention ratio due to attendance issues is about 75%. These new employees study the handbook with diligence and find every possible loophole to their benefit. The mindset is not to work as hard as they can and do a good job, it is to do the least they can to get by. Instead of being grateful for the great benefits the company offers, they complain about having to be called in when necessary. There is no more the thought that they will make a career with a great company, but it is just used as a method to pay the bills and if this doesn’t work out, they will go somewhere else. We are in the customer service environment and the philosophy, “The customer is always right” is very difficult to get the new hires to embrace. They feel if the customer is rude to them or if the customer continues to ask them the same question over and over again, they have the right to get an attitude with the customer. I believe though that part of this is the home training that some of these employees come to the work place with. I have two teenage daughters and they are employed. Even when they were students and they felt a little bad, I would always say, “Get up and press your way”. They use to hate the expression and...
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