Work Ethics

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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(a) How can employers develop a better work ethics in the workstation? First at all, employers need to make clear the goal and objective of the organization that need to achieve by employers and employees. For example, if a project looks insurmountable, employees may feel overwhelmed with it and they will not entirely sure how to complete it. At this point, the employers can divide the project into different tasks that have clear goals and set schedule milestones with clear target dates so that employees can know exactly what the employers expect of them, how long they have to complete the task and clearly know that they are doing the right things and reach the goal clearly and without and worry. Secondly, employers should award those employees who practice ethical. The employers can award employees by two ways: (1) monetary award system; (2) non-monetary award system. (1) The employers can tell the employee who practice it well and complete certain tasks with efficiency, he or she have been given a promotion and pay raise or annual performance bonus or. Well some of the organization may not have the ability and the resources to give large monetary awards to their employees, employers may choose a special gift with meaning by heart and one that they will truly appreciate it. This will also motivate the lackadaisical employees. (2) The employers may award employees with benefit. For example, employer can sponsor a course fees that the employees interest (it may not related to the organization’s goal, just personal interest) if they practice ethical well. Employer also can just ask the employee to come to his or her room and say thank you to employee and admire the employee. Thirdly, employers may set a good example and give themselves a pattern unto employees, to imitate employers. Most of the time employees will tend to imitate the behavior of authority figures. So if the managers not doing their jobs, idling in the office and keeping online and Facebook, the...
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