Work Ethic

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Work Ethic

Throughout our lives, every person will meet some sort of problem. That is why work ethic is such an important characteristic to have while growing up. At an early age, work ethic was quickly instilled in me. They taught me to not just do what is expected of me but to strive to be better than expected. My parents taught me to work as hard as I could whether in the classroom, on the ball field, or in everyday life. Work ethic is a characteristic that should be instilled into every person. With a strong work ethic instilled in me at an early age, I learned that I must work for everything I want to achieve. One reason I appreciate my parents for instilling a strong work ethic in me is that helped drive me towards following up on finishing my education with a college degree. Even after finishing my education, it will still force me to use my work ethic to achieve that goal. Not only have I used to my work ethic to achieve my goals in the classroom but also in the work place. At my job, I use my work ethic to make myself by not only doing what is expected of me but to also rise above expectations. Work ethic should matter to everyone because that is what sets you apart and helps you excel in life. In conclusion, Work ethic is something that sets us all apart and helps us achieve our lifelong goals. Without the work ethic my parents instilled in me, I would not have become who I am today. Work ethic is something that should be instilled in every one of us because without it we wouldn’t be as successful.
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