Work Effectively with Others as a Member of a Team, Group, Organisation, Community:

Topics: Skill, Learning, Intelligence Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: July 4, 2011
ELO 5 – Reflective Essay:

Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organisation, community:

Learning is both an individual and a group activity. People learn by themselves, and by working things through or talking with others. It’s quite likely that learning will happen naturally in either or both of these ways, without people needing any support. But support can help, for reasons like these:

➢ Some people may not be confident at learning on their own, or with others – they may benefit from support that builds their confidence. ➢ The right support can help to focus and accelerate learning, making it more rewarding and motivating. ➢ There are sometimes barriers that get in the way of efficient learning, and support can help people to overcome the difficulties.

Different people benefit from support in different ways, and at different times – their support requirements may vary during learning. Support can help, for reasons like these: ➢ learners can get it when they want it

➢ trainers, assessors and mentors can guide learners towards the kind of support that’s best for them.

Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information:

As a facilitator, it means that I should make the time to get to know what support individual learners are likely to benefit from most. This should happen at every stage of learning. It’s important to build on previous experience but start simple and then progress towards more complex tasks. This will help me to assess positively on what learners can do.

The first real challenge is to help learners, and those supporting learners, to think about learning in different ways. It’s especially useful to know that: ➢ there are a number of ways to learn
➢ different ways suit some learners better than others
➢ some things are easier to learn in one way than another – for example, learning how to use equipment is often best done by watching, then trying it yourself under close supervision...
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