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Topics: Mental disorder, Mental health, Discrimination Pages: 4 (784 words) Published: January 25, 2012
Work Effectively in Mental Health


Essential Knowledge

Case Study

1. What are some of the stigmas surrounding mental illness?

Stigma is when someone judges you based on a personal trait. Unfortunately this is a common experience for people who have a mental health condition. Stigma may be obvious and direct, such as someone making a negative comment about your mental illness or treatment. Or it may be subtle, such as someone assuming you could be unstable, violent and dangerous. Some of the issues facing those suffering mental illness may include: Discrimination at school or work

Difficulty finding work
Bullying, physical violence or harassment
The belief that you will never succeed at certain things, or that you can’t improve your situation

2. Mental illness is a form of disability. What does this mean in terms of legislation and standards of practice for people who experience mental illness?

This means people who are suffering from mental illness are protected from direct or indirect discrimination based on disability. They are protected under a number of Acts. It also ensures they have access to, and are offered vital services and support.

3. How can the recovery model be applied to Lee’s situation?

It is essential to involve Lee in the development of a recovery program to suit him and his situation, as well as the relationships in his life. The program you develop should be person-centred, and respectful of Lee’s lifestyle choices, preferences, goals, rights and responsibilities. Support and services for Lee, such as:

Social interaction
Employment, training, learning new skills
Peer support groups
& Education regarding Mental illness, Body dysmorphic disorder,

Would all be beneficial to him, but he must be interested and willing to participate.

4. What rights and responsibilities will Lee have as a client of the...
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