Work Effectively in the Community Sector

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CHCCS411A Work effectively in the community sector

Assignment 2: Research a sector of the Community Services Industry

You need to choose a sector of the Community Services Industry and research the current issues influencing service delivery in that sector and answer the questions below based on your research. A sector could include: * Aged care

* Home and community care
* Disability services
* Alcohol and other drugs
* Family and domestic violence
* Mental Health
* Housing
* Community development
* Community work
* Youth work and juvenile justice
* Children’s services
* Child protection
* Employment services

Answer the following questions based on your research:

1. State the sector you have researched
Aged care: Research sources shown page 6
The community service sector I have done is on Lourdes Nursing Home in Port Macquarie.

2. Identify the current needs of this sector’s target group. * Staffing shortages are a problem at Lourdes Nursing Home and other nursing homes as aged care is a not a desirable job to many people as the pay rates for employees are not enough in this work sector. People have to have the right characteristics for example the need to be empathic towards the aged also very patient and caring to care for aged people. * The fact the population is growing and more of our population is ageing over the next 40 years so the need for more care is prevalent in Port Macquarie. This in turn is placing great stress on our community and on financial resources. The need for more funding in the aged care facilities is putting great pressure on the health system. * A lack of beds due to the increasing ageing population has put a large amount of stress on the Aged care sector as the need is not matching the demand. * The need for an updated facility for families wanting their loved ones to have their own rooms for privacy and other wishes that are not being met.

* Due to the lack of available beds in the local Aged Care Facility, often the patient is sent away to another town’s facility which creates burdens on those families that are unable to visit due to distance or lack of transport. * Another problem arises if a loved one has passed away at a particular facility there is a memory association that precludes the resident from wanting to be placed there. * Another issue for residents is the shortage of doctors. When someone has to come into care many doctors don’t travel to visit age care facility .After maybe 40 years of looking after them once these people come into care the doctors won’t make home visits so . This makes residents quite isolated a sad thought but this is an issue hard to fix as it comes down to money and time.

3. Identify a Community Service organisation within this sector. * The community service organisation that I have researched is Lourdes Nursing Home Port Macquarie which had opened in 1975 and has 65 beds.

4. What are the roles and functions of this organisation? * To care for people assessed by ACAT as needing high care. * There is a dementia specific unit for the people that are wandering and have behavioural issues. * Another role is that of palliative care.

* To fulfil the mission statement of servicing all those in need. * One of their biggest roles are to be respectful of, and actively promote, the dignity and independence of each person in our care. * Then to work in professional manner to both residents and co- workers. * To have a high level of compassion and understanding towards those with declining capacities.

5. What have been the organisation’s responses to the changing needs of this target group? Some of the organisations responses to the changing need are: *...
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