Work Culture Preferences

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Work Culture Preferences
Alec (Huu) Tran
May 8, 2013
Everett Haberman

Work Culture Preferences
After I completed the survey on work culture preferences, at University of Phoenix, my results under high powered came as. I am a demanding jobs as well as career development and certainly career advancement chaser. I am constantly looking out for a chance to learn new skills and not scare to take the chance to try different jobs or even work in different places. As long as it offered high salaries with the likelihood of rapid promotion and other benefits would be a plus. Sounds like a hard worker heaven does it not?

To me it is.
The results of my career competencies, also from the University of Phoenix, shown that I have great strengths in innovation and that I am always adhering to values. I am constantly taking initiative and always researching goer. At the same time, I am adapting greatly to change and carefully strategizing my each step. Knowing of my work culture preferences results definitely will help me cautiously apply the correct channel of my strength, under the result my career competencies, in communication. By pursuing my best career interest and uses most of my competencies of strengths and integrate into or hopefully create my ideal work cultures. At the same time increase the practices of great strengths of my competencies and look out for ways to improve marginal one as well. Most important, knowing my ideal work culture will help me in how to be preparing and taking necessary steps in achieving my goal of an ideal workplace. Even though I have learned from a mistake I had made, recently in a kind of a setback way. In a few months ago, at the company I work for, a supervisor position opening within the manufacturer department has posted for all of internal employees with a desire for career advancement opportunity. With full of excitement and energy, I went straight to the human resources office. I did not bother to read the...
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