Work Culture of Wfm

Topics: Understanding, I Decided, The Deadline Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: February 10, 2013
BA 316A
Man Brian Nguyen
Assignment #1
I have been working in varied number of teams during my college life, and I have experienced working with several “slackers”. I remember that was in my ECON 481 class last fall term; we studied about international trade. In this class, students assigned to write a 20-page empirical paper about the KORUS FTA (Korea-United States) agreement. I was in a group with other two people. We received the instructions for the paper early on the Thanksgiving week; however, that did not help that much because the instructions given were really general and confused. We decided to use office hours to discuss with our professors more about the paper. I and another person could make it to the office, but the “slacker” one because he told us he forgot we had an appointment with the professor on that day. The paper divided by three different parts: the general introductions and statements, the evaluation about the statements, and empirical support for the evaluation. That means each section of the paper related to one another. The “slacker” decided to choose the first one which was also the easiest one; I did the second part, and the last person did the third part. The paper was due two weeks after the Thanksgiving week. The format of our paper was clear and each person knew what part he took care of already. We started to do some research, and the “slacker” supposed to have his part done by the middle of the week after Thanksgiving break so others could start to do theirs. He promised that he would have it done by then or might be earlier than that because he committed his part was simple. I reminded him to finish his part by deadline before we were off for the break and offered for help if he needed anything. Later, we met gain after Thanksgiving break and he had not done anything yet. He told us that he was sick during the break and could not do anything. He kept promising until we only had a week and half to finish the project,...
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