Work Culture Competencies

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Work Culture Preferences and Competencies Results
David Di.....
March 7, 2013

Work Culture Preferences and Competencies Results
Knowing what your ideal work culture preferences and competencies are, can help in achieving organization goals. Work culture is essentially the personality of the organization and competencies are what you or the organization is good at doing. My results from these assessments are essential in creating a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, and will help me develop strategic and operational plans. In this paper, I will discuss, reflect and learn about Work culture, SWOT, and my results from these two assessments. The Work Culture Results says that I am leadership intensive, supportive, and well resourced. Knowing my ideal work culture will help me in developing strategic plans for the entire organization and operational plans for particular parts of the organization. Such results might help me to create plans that change a work place into a learning center where the entire organization take on a role of teacher and student, allowing the workplace to freely express themselves. The organization can then create operational plans focus on particular areas within the organization. This will allow the whole company to achieve the organizations goals.

External and Internal analysis are the two essentials in conducting a SWOT analysis. External analysis deals with opportunities and threats. What are your competitors doing, and what to do about it? An external analysis will answer that. An internal analysis reveals your strengths and weaknesses. This is where the company find outs what they have and what they can use to advance their position against their competitors. These competencies are directly connected to the work culture I discussed earlier.

The Competencies results show that I am high in Researching, Innovating, Strategizing, Applying Expertise, Logical Thinking, and with a...
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