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The author is currently attached to the x’s U.S. Funds’ Compliance constituting seven members that report to two directors and overseen by a Global Compliance Director. The organization structure of x is as follows:

With the current on-goings in x, survey among employees’ shows that the management issues that is faced by the company are absence in leadership, lack of management skills, unsuitable organization structure, and communication breakdown amongst team members. Lack of Leadership and Management Skills

Interviews with several team members resulted in a majority expressing that they are not satisfied with their managers’ management abilities. Some of the complaints were the absence of coaching or guidance received from the managers and the lack of recognition for the contributions that they make to the company. The employees also reported that the managers do not meet regularly enough with the employees to discuss their career development and career progression or to talk about their workload, meeting objectives and other work related issues. There is an important link between employees’ satisfaction with their manager and their willingness to go the extra mile for their manager. A small increase amongst the manager can make a significant contribution to productivity and growth. Unsuitable Organization Structure

A correct management structure ensures an organization’s continued growth, content employees and profitable returns for the shareholders, whereas a wrong structure can create tension between employees and managers, allow inefficient work practices to flourish and reduces company’s profitability. In this case, x’s organization structure incorporates a flat organizational structure model, which has fewer management levels with each level controlling a broad area. Flat organizations focus on empowering employees rather than adhering to the chain of command (Griffin, 2012). Although a flatter organizational model is said to promote faster communication that makes for quicker decision (Meehan, 2012), this is not the case with x. The current structure leads to a heavier managerial workload and confusion over roles due to large number of employees reporting to one boss. Employees are overwhelmed by the workload and spend an inordinate amount of time checking with everyone in their team to make sure they are not duplicating efforts. This problem relates back to the issue of lack of leadership and management skills within the team. Lack of Teamwork

x’s headquarters is located in xx, xx, while it also has offices located in various places including xx. The current U.S. Funds Compliance team members are located in three different location; xx, xx and xx. This poses a challenge in building effective teams. Based on an interview with a senior compliance officer, one of the challenges posed is the difficulty in communication. When primary means of communication is via electronic means, such as e-mail or phone, nonverbal communication cues are lost. She expressed that communicating this way has resulted in a communication breakdown, such as team members misunderstanding the intent of an e-mail message and get offended or upset by another person. Furthermore, the lack of daily interaction and a chance to get to know each other on a personal level has caused in a lack of commitment or motivation by the team members which keeps the team from functioning well. All of the above are the present challenges that x currently faces. RECOMMENDATIONS

Leadership and Management Skills
According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Employee Outlook survey, there is a reality gap between how good managers think they are in their roles and how effective they actually are. Their research shows that almost three people in ten have direct management responsibility for one or more people in the workplace, and yet just over half of employees are satisfied with their manager. One of the reasons is...
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