Work-Based Assignment - M3.03 Planning Change in the Workplace

Topics: Dentistry, Better, Physician Pages: 7 (1996 words) Published: April 10, 2013
ILM Assignment M3.03

Planning change in the work place

Susan Thompson

14th March 2013


Page 3.Identify change
Page 5.Implications of the change
Page 6.Plan the change
Page 8. Communicate the change
Page 9.Continuous improvement

Identifying a change in the organisation

S.W.O.T Analysis
Strengths| Weaknesses|
Experienced dentists and hygienist in practice| Long patient waiting times within the practice need to improve service.| Practice is well equipped, clean and upto date with Infection Control| Practice on 1st floor via steep stairway not DDA complaint| Experienced nurses already employed and in situ| Lack of space having out grown current premises| Newly qualified Dentist and Hygienist available to employ within practice (members of family)| Teamwork needs improving and more use could be made of staff| Adjoining building available to allow expansion| Unorganised at times (in morning before surgery starts)| Major capital investment available| Over run with old documents and equipment| Access for private and NHS patients| Decontamination process not fully established| Quality treatment at affordable prices | Current dentists and hygienist over worked| Well known and long standing practice in local area| Require principal dentists approval to set up new roles and training.| Awarded primary care award 2012| Amount of time it takes to train staff and make them communicate with the Team|

Opportunities| Threats|
Improve the quality of the service offered to patients| Resistance to change by staff| Increase job satisfaction and time management for nursing assistants.| Lose experienced staff| Staff are able to develop their skills within the practice without having to go elsewhere to train| Lose older patients due to access issues | To open additional surgeries | Lack of advertising of business, visibility of practice (no prominent street signage)| Open earlier on some days and late one\ two evenings| Competitors moving nearby offering cosmetic services | Updating software to enable online booking and email \ text appointment notification| Demand for services may reduce due to economic climate| Update hardware to allow automatic back up to cloud and protect the practice| Waste and decontamination regulations need to be adhered to and continuously updated| More perio treatments could be made available| IT systems need be protected by a more robust virus/hacker protection| Develop PR for practice ie web site, facebook page| LHB changes|

Having looked at the results of my SWOT analysis and after discussing them with the principal dentist we decided we needed to offer better services and facilities to both our patients and staff.

We identified this could be achieved by purchasing the adjoining property which would allow us to double the floor space and develop a new future proof practice for patients and staff. With an expansion we could offer new opportunities and establish plans for growth

The property would be totally renovated and on the ground floor it would have two brand new hi tech surgeries, a reception area and decontamination room. The upstairs would become a storage area and staff room. The building works will not have any impact on the day to day running of the practise.

After looking into the analysis we highlighted the following * Present lack of space within current property
* 1st Floor access to practice causing problems
* Dentists over worked
* Quality of service to patients could be improved
* Employee moral low

As a result of carrying out the expansion to the business, we hope to achieve the following * Ground floor access for patients
* Reduce work pressure on current work force
* Reduce waiting time for patient appointments
* Separate decontamination area
* Update systems, procedures...
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